Where this come from?

22 year old surfing the web, geardo and a Infantry Officer in the U.S. Army

Doctrine Man. 

Won’t lie main reason I joined the military was my Dad’s service, he was larger than a super hero to me. Was with SF, was a Ranger Instructor (Desert Phase) and a Paratrooper. Served in the First Gulf War and did great there. He earned a green to gold spot as a doctor, though because of discrimination could not even register. Ended up getting out with a broken back from jumping. 

Both parents always talked about doing more for your country then yourself, and the only reason I didn’t enlist was because my Dad wanted a better life for me and pushed for to go as a officer. Even though both doubted I would make it, I did and became a Infantry Officer. Now my brother seeing his Dad as a veteran and his brother as a Infantry Officer in the Army wants to join.  Luckily we have all pushed him to dream of the Air Force or Navy, better lifestyle and less danger in the end. 

Now looking at friends from Highschool, crazy to see those who have been in and served and deployed to those in but still doing training. 

Sorry for the ramblings, y’all have a great Veterans day and remember to learn from them and listen to their stories they have so much history in them that may never get told again.  

Thank you to all those who have served, to those serving, and those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. 

Now off to watch the Pacific. 
  • 11 November 2013
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